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Participation Information

Sports are an integral part of life at CMS.  We offer a variety of competitive opportunities for our students that help build leadership, integrity, teamwork, time-management, work ethic, commitment, and self-confidence.
We encourage all students to consider participating in our athletic program.
Athletes are cleared to play sports using a convenient online process provided by Rank One Sport.  Athletic clearance forms must be completed online at  Please be sure to complete all 5 clearance forms and check the box for all sports your student is interested in playing. 
After completing clearance forms, payments can be made online using the link below or at our ASB office.  In addition, the doctor’s office may fax physicals to CMS at 360-807-2751.
Students must be cleared through the Athletic Office prior to their first practice.  Money and forms will not be accepted by coaches.
Requirements for participation
    • Safety Guidelines & Warning Agreement
    • Activity Clearance
    • Athletic Activity Code
    • Concussion & Cardiac Arrest Awareness
    • Child Nutrition Program Consent Form
** You do not need to repeat all forms if you completed them for a previous sport.   However, you MUST complete a Sport Specific Safety Guidelines form for each sport your student would like to participate in.  This form may be completed at the beginning of the school year for all sports your student would like to participate in.
**Student ID Number is your Student's Lunch Number (Do NOT include a 0 at the front of any student ID #’s)
  • Physical (Sports Physical Form) (good for 2 years)
  • ASB card and sticker  $20 (all students receive an ID card. ASB cards will have ASB stickers added)
  • Sports fee  $30    $35 for football
  •  All fees and fines are paid
  • Academic standards must be maintained
  • No tobacco, alcohol, or drug use.
To pay online, click the link below.
If your student qualifies under the free and reduced income survey, sports fees may be waived.  Please complete the Child Nutrition Program Consent Form and  contact the ASB Secretary to get more info on fee assistance.  

Parent Responsibility

  • Please pick your child up promptly from practices and games.  Schedules will show approximate return times for away games.
  • For the safety of spectators and athletes, we ask that all spectators sit in the stands and that children are supervised by parents.
  • Please report any behaviors that are inappropriate at games to the supervisor.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the gym. (water bottles are okay)